Saturday, November 5


You kicked the diaphanous blanket off the bed
as the moth-eaten sheet under you began to dampen
around your perspiring long limbs like a
cube of ice thawing on sizzling cement.
The out-of-date air con spat puffs of patchy
cold air, interrupted by tepid, dusty exhalations
that followed with frustrated groans.
Our burning bodies met as we stood
under the cool drizzle of the shower,
my red cheek resting on your chest for solace.
We wrapped ourselves in thin threads
so the rare breeze could graze our skin
and we left the dingy room with our glowing
hands interlocked, cautious but charged
with a free, independent electricity that
fused our endearment and powered
the hostel’s broken light bulbs.
It took our noses time to tune to the smell
of rancid air and exhaust
and we walked through the jungle
of sweaty people and neon nothings,
our white pretense plummeting
like the street-cooked chicken neck
did to the grimy ground.
Tuk-tuk’s grunted at heavy traffic
weaving in, out through yellow taxis.
Wrinkly faces under straw hats smiled
as they pushed bags of fruit in our faces.
Watermelon drinks soothed our scorching
bodies for mere moments and we laughed
deliriously at our exhaustion.
When darkness finally came and refused
to give us relief to the heat,
we navigated our way back through
the labyrinth to our tiny tumbledown room
and fell asleep to the whirring fan and 
dreamt of the iceman.

Hello everyone!
I can't believe it has been so long since I last posted. Since studying poetics at uni this semester, I've learned countless valuable tools, and I've noticed that my writing style has changed quite a lot.
Here is a poem I recently wrote that will be going in my final poetry portfolio next week.

I hope you are all well and I can't wait to read all the writing I've missed out on.


tasha faye said...

this poem is exceptional. one of my favorite kinds, one that shows in words the truth of life, every little tingling sensation we experience. i love it. :) well done, love. i have missed your posts so very much! by the way, i've changed my url to xx

shannonmaree said...

This poem's absolutely amazing, you're so talented!


kerrod said...

YOU ARE BACK!! :) I've been waiting for you to post. and can I say that it is an amazing return-to-blogging-after-so-long post?
loved it.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Missed you terribly. Your poem is incredible; everything you write always is. (Ps, it's Thea from Mermaidism here, only as you can see a couple of things have changed.)

Anonymous said...

Stunning. You are so, so talented xx

Jace said...

Oh hi there. I seem to have stumbled upon your lovely blog. I like your poetry.
Cheers from a new follower!

kerrod said...

lovely post. I hope you are well, and everything is going swimmingly at Uni.
you're perfect at poetry.

Anonymous said...

Your writing is beautiful, i wish i could do the same.